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From 26 Jan 2019 until 27 Jan 2019


Promoting safe behavior at work is a critical part of the management of health and safety, because behavior turns systems and procedures into reality. On thier own, good systems do not ensure successful health and safety management, as the level of success is determined by how organisation ”lives’ their systems.

In order to promote safe behavior at work, we propose an initial two days training. The first day will cover structured program knowledge on behavior safety and second day will be devoted to actualizing this knowledge by examples and demonstration in the training room.

Training Objectives

Behavioral programs have become popular in the safety domain, as there is evidence that a proportion of accidents are caused by unsafe behavior. whilst a focus on changing unsafe behavior into safe behavior is appropriate, this should not deflect attention from also analyzing why people behave unsafely. This training cover the reasons for not focusing solely on changing individual behavior without considering necessary changes to how people are organised, managed, motivated, rewarded and thier physical work environment, tools and equipment can result in treating the symptom only, but without addressing the root causes of unsafe behavior. TRAINING

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Training Venue

Hotel Leverage, Skudai, Johor


26 and 27 January 2018


RM500 (MSOSH Member)

RM 700 (Non MSOSH Member)

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