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OSH Workshop for the Agricultural, Veterinary & Fishery Sectors.

From 02 Oct 2016 9:00 am until 02 Oct 2016 5:00 pm
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OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY & HEALTH (OSH) WORKSHOP FOR THE AGRICULTURAL, VETERINARY & FISHERY SECTORS. [PSYCHOSOCIAL HAZARD RISK ASSESSMENT] _________________________________________________ OBJECTIVES � To increase awareness about mental health in the workplace. � To understand about psychosocial hazard (stressor) in the agricultural, veterinary & fishery sectors. � To understand the basic knowledge about mental health screening in the agricultural, veterinary & fishery sectors. � To enable employers /employees implement mental health screening method in the agricultural, veterinary & fishery sectors. � To use the screening result for risk assessment and managing the psychosocial hazard in the agricultural, veterinary & fishery sectors _________________________________________________ OVERVIEW � The HIRARC training has been designed to cater the needs of Occupational Health & Safety Practitioner in meeting their task for risk management especially in the agricultural, veterinary and fishery sectors. � One of the important element in HIRARC is psychosocial hazard. Employees/employers should be sensitive to the psychological needs of the personnel in the workplace. A safe work environment is not only free from physical hazards but it should also free from psychosocial hazards. Addressing psychosocial issues at workplace effectively are able to contribute positively to the organization. Studies show that psychosocial hazards give negative impact to the organizations. Issues such as absenteeism and low productivity can be minimized if workers can manage the risks effectively. All levels of personnel should take this responsibility. The correct method of assessment can help organization to manage this hazard better. .________________________________________________ CONTENTS Topics covered are as follows: 1. Introduction to psychosocial hazards in the agricultural, veterinary & fishery sectors. �Understanding psychosocial hazard. 2. Basic elements in screening for mental health. 3. Mental Health Assessment � Introduction to screening tool – Saringan Status Kesihatan Mental - 20 (SSKM-20) 4. Applying Health Risk Assessment matrix for psychosocial hazard 5. Managing stressor in the organization via early detection of sign and symptom of mental health. _________________________________________________ COURSE FEE MSOSH Member : FREE Non Members Fee: RM 100.00 _________________________________________________ SECRETARIAT � En. Mohd. Alfi Harmonis (+60103137303) Email: alfi.msosh@gmail.com � Pn. Fauziah Sapran (Tel : +60379561763) Email: fauziah@msosh.my, fauziah.msosh@gmail.com � MSOSH Email: admin@msosh.org.my


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