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OSH MASTER PLAN [OSH-MP] Community Engagement - Engaging community members in problem-solving solutions to issues that affect them is one of the fundamental principles of public health. The most effective way to achieve public health goals, especially the elimination of disparities in health status, is to actively engage those experiencing the problems in every aspect of addressing them. Community engagement means involving community members in all activities--from identifying the relevant issues and making decisions about how to address them, to evaluating and sharing the results with the community. The information on this program provides background, tips and tools for effective community engagement. OBJECTIVE PROGRAM 1) How to manage employees who have cholesterol problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and gout at the workplace. 2) How to identify the early signs of a disease caused by nutrients and hormones imbalance – frequently tired, weight problems, sleep problems, digestive problems, allergy problems, sexual problems, etc. 3) The principle of detoxification, antioxidant, anti-aging, digestive system care, and the correct way to consume supplement. 4) Fitness test & Mental Health Screening – the implementation of fitness values and mental alertness to employees. SPEAKERS 1) DR. Mugilarasi Arasarethinam; She is a general physician, with interest in occupational medicine and nutritional medicine. An MRCP (UK graduate with Diploma in Nutritional Therapy) her passion and aim is to integrate importance of nutrition in corporate wellness. In her 17 years of service she vouches that nutritional management is essential for better control of health and wellness. In her private practice based in Klang she promotes Nutritional management in non-communicable disease prevention and treatment. She believes a good quality life is based on a good lifestyle, nutrition and wellness. 2) Dr Shawaludin Husin; He is one of the Occupational Health Specialist and OSH professional in Malaysia. A Master holder in Occupational Health, he graduated from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in 2011. Over 12 years of working experience in clinical and health management, auditing and R&D setting. Actively involved in patient care from the primary level to the critical care level and also involved in training and career development of staff and management. Currently, he is the OH Specialist for OH Integrated Services. He continues his passion in the field by providing occupational health service to the industry, to protect and promote the health of workers, improve working conditions and the working environment and maintain the health of the organization. Tentative Program 0830hr: Program Registration 0900hr: Safety Briefing & Society Intro 0930hr: Speakers 01 1000hr: Morning break 1015hr: Continue Speakers 01 1300hr: Lunch 1400hr: Speakers 02 1500: Tea break 1515hr: Continue Speakers 02 1630hr: Presentation of Certificate 1700hr: Wrap Up Session


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