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SME OSH and Smart OSH Tool Series

From 17 Dec 2016 8:00 am until 18 Dec 2016 5:00 pm
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17 Dec 2016 Small Medium Enterprise (SME) on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Seminar 2016 [SME-OSH 2016] INTRODUCTION: In conjuction with the MSOSH OSH SME Award 2017, the society is organising seminar. This will be an exciting event which cannot afford to miss. This Award a besttowed on SMEs which one recognised for their outstanding safety and health awareness as well as long team commitment in nuturing a “safe and healthy’ work culture among the employers and employees. The nominee must have introduced initiatives that promote occupational safety and health awareness demostrated strong management leadership and active participation in occupational safety and health. The seminar aims to bring together regulators, industry leaders and safety professionals to identify problems, formulate recommendations and develop and implement best practices to ensure the improvement and advancement of safety standards in the workplace. Implementing health and safety measurers doesn't have to be expensive, time consuming or complicated. In fact, safer and more efficient work-ing practices can often save money but, more importantly, they can help save lives. OBJECTIVE OF PROGRAM: The objective of the Program is to help increase awareness and understanding of employers and employees about the importance of occupational safety and health management, especially with respect to compliance with relevant legislation, as well as the application of a safe and healthy work practices in SME sector. 18 Dec 2016 SMART OSH TOOL SERIES: Dynamic HIRARC for OSH Practitioner INTRODUCTION: HIRARC is a process to assist OSH practitioner in management of hazard at their workplace through combination of severity and likelihood to determine the risk level. Then, prioritization of risk to be placed in order to minimize the potential unneeded incident that may occurred. Day to day, OSH task challenges become more significant where they involve in maintenance of OSH management system as well as implementing safety rules in workplace. Therefore, they really need a powerful medium for identification, determination and make a decision for continuous improvement in OSH within short lead time but must be proven in efficient and effective manner. This training is designed to cater the needs of managing the risk with appropriate method assessment where it possible to give a quick impact to the effectivenes. OBJECTIVE OF PROGRAM: 1. Able to describe the overall hazard analysis techniques and management of risk. 2. Able to explains the safety management concern on the hazard prevention . 3. Able to utilize a dynamic HIRARC format at workplace. COURSE TOPICS: 1. Accident and incident Relationship with poor risk management system 2. Refresher of Hazard-Risk understanding  Hazard: classification, identification.  How critical hazard impact to organization  Risk management and its application 3. Common HIRARC concept  HIRARC Guideline 2008  Challenges in preparing HIRARC 4. Utilization of HIRARC tool  Main component in HIRARC tool  Process step of assessment  Reporting and analysis  Action review  Presentation to top management


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