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Date: 29 - 30 September 2018

Venue: Dewan Pancadelima, Wisma PERKESO, Petaling Jaya

The trainer for this training program is Puan Harimah Hamdan, who is the Managing Director and Principal Consultant for Nadi Lestari Consultants Sdn Bhd. There are total of 37 participants who attended the 2 days course. On day 1, participants are given the introduction, objectives and legal requirements pertaining to the Health Risk Assessment as well as the tips in overcoming the challenges scope of the assessment. Later in the day, the participants are taught on how to identify the health risk and the effect of cumulative exposure and how to determine Health Hazard Identification (HHI) rating which commonly set as the internal Corporate Standard of the Company for each element of hazards. Day 2 focus on the technical understanding on Health Risk Assessment which focusing on Chemical Hazard (Gases, Vapors, Solvents and Particulates), Physical Hazard (Industrial Noise, Radiation), Ergonomic Hazard and Biological Hazards. The participants are taught to the use of Risk Assessment Matrix (RAM) as a tool in assessing the potential risk of each health hazard and the exposure rating takes into account control measures used to reduce exposure via all relevant routes dependent on the hazard.


The Malaysian Society for Occupational
Safety & Health (MSOSH)

4th Floor Wisma PERKESO,
Lot 141, Jalan Selangor,
Section 6, 46990 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.

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