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Hearing about the tanker driver loss has deeply saddened us, but we know that this is far from what the victim’s family are going through right now. We would like to offer our prayers and condolences to the family.

We are saddened by the insensitive attitude that many Malaysians demonstrated by disseminating the viral video while the victims is still alive and caught with fire. We would like to remind to our members not to disseminate the said video or photos and act as a civilized and ethical human by respecting the victim’s dignity and the family’s feeling.

With regards to the tanker fire situation and also to all general incidents, here is a proper response method that could probably save one’s life.

Few actions can be taken, ASAP on any emergency, disaster and crisis situation in Initial Response Action phase.
A, Assessment
SA, Situation Awareness
P, Planning

In any situation, those who could response, need to assess first the situation, the ASSESSMENT is generally on the hazard and risk, magnitude of the incident & safety of the personal (one that try to response). The responder need to be AWARE ON the current SITUATION and lastly is, PLAN for the next/further action.

General tips should there be, any individual is on fire is to


Stop from running around AND don’t walk/run, moving will feed air to the fire. Of course, keep yourself out of the fire area first (out of car / driver seat etc.), then drop and roll.

Hope that we will always be vigilance while performing our duty at work and act wisely, safely and above all and act responsibly in disseminating accident info without hurting other’s feelings.

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