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The Malaysian Society for Occupational Safety & Health

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Welcome toMSOSH

The Malaysian Society for Occupational Safety & Health

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MSOSH Affiliate Trainer Recruitment

From 01 Jan 2021 until 31 Dec 2021 11:59 pm

We are looking for experience trainer to work together as MSOSH Affiliate Trainer.


Terms and condition

1. The applicant must be an active member of MSOSH.

2. The applicant must be a Malaysian citizen.

3. Applicants must have experience in OSH related industry/service of more than 5 years.

4. Applicant must have a copy of TTT/TTT exemption certificate recognized by HRDCorp (HRDF).

5. Experienced in training is a must.

6. Must be an expert in his/her field.

7. Fill the *form by typing. No handwriting is allowed.

8. If there is a form need for signature, you may use your digital signature.

9. Please ensure all the detail is complete
• Proper picture (for poster and database purpose)
• MSOSH Affiliate Trainer Recruitment Form
• *Form: Summary of Trainer Profile
• *Form: MSOSH Trainer Detail Information Template
• *Form: MSOSH Course Content Template (Optional)
• Copy of HRDF TTT/Exemption Certificate
• Copy of Competency Certificate
• Copy of another related certificate

10. Only complete information will be processed by the secretariat.

11. Complete information will be kept by the secretariat into MSOSH Academy Database.

12. Trainees will be contacted from time to time based on current course vacancies and availability.


Apply now

  • Online Application: https://bit.ly/3uu7oa8
    For Trainer Detail Information and Course Content:
    1. Please attach the detail ONLY using the form provided by MSOSH Academy.
    2. Download here to get your form of MSOSH Affiliate Trainer Recruitment at http://tiny.cc/trainerform . Those forms will be used to be attach in the e-form.
    3. Please ensure the form is complete and sent to the right sections.


  • Manual application through email
    If you have problem with the e-form, you can request to have the forms from secretariat by emailing your request to academy.msosh@gmail.com After fill the forms you need to submit your complete detail as per stated in terms and conditions (number 9) to the email.  

The Malaysian Society for Occupational
Safety & Health (MSOSH)

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Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: +603-3359 8046/8048/8049
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Email: admin@msosh.org.my

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