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39th MSOSH AWARDS 2021

On behalf of Malaysian Society for Occupational Safety and Health (MSOSH) Management Committee and the MSOSH Annual OSH Award Organizing Committee (MSOSH Award 2021), we would like to take this opportunity to wish your organisation a very safe, healthy and sustainable incoming new year 2021.

The year 2020 is a very challenging for all of us in Malaysia and also other parts of the world due to Covid19 Pandemic. It is an eye opener for everybody, not just from the employers, employees and OSH Practitioners point view, but also from all level of societies on the importance managing the Covid19 pandemic correctly and systematically.

The awareness on environmental health risk is increase dramatically on the importance to comply with Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) developed by Ministry of Health Malaysia, Majlis Keselamatan Negara (MKN), MITI etc. Due to Covid19 Pandemic, it impacts directly on the overall operation of MSOSH, not just the MSOSH Award Audit, but also the luncheon program last year.

MSOSH needs to adapt different approaches as part of our commitment to comply with Covid19 SOP without sacrificing the quality of the audit process and also luncheon event. Based on remote audit approach and also introducing MVOC (MSOSH Virtual OSH Award Ceremony) as a replacement of luncheon event, alhamdulillah both events were executed smoothly with slightly delay from the overall schedule.

For this year 2021, MSOSH slightly delay announcing the MSOSH Award 2021 event. This is because we need to assess the current risk Covid19 Pandemic situation in order to decide to continue organizing the event this year. After lengthy and thoroughly discussion with MSOSH Award Committee and MSOSH Committee, today we launch the opening of the MSOSH Award 2021.

So, it is the time again to look back at your organisations’ OSH performance so that the nation can move forward into the New Year with a stronger determination to continually improve OSH performance in your organisations. For MSOSH Award 2021, with new elements and expectations of OSH Management on leadership, commitment, Covid19 Pandemic Management and other occupational health issues at the workplace as part of revised audit checklist.

For this purpose, the MSOSH is inviting your organisations to join the coming MSOSH Award 2021.Your organisation’s participation will assist your organization to assess your OSH Performance and management from an independent OSH practitioners counterpart. Furthermore, it will enrich our shared experience in OSH and will benefit the Malaysian society at large. Some of few key dates for MSOSH Award 2021 that need to remember this year are:

1st March 2021- MSOSH Award 2021 online application is open

1st April 2021 - Closing date for online registration and document submission

31st August 2021 – Completed MSOSH Award Audit

28th October 2021 – MSOSH Award 2021 Ceremony

We look forward to your company’s support and participation, which will also act as a catalyst in the promotion of OSH for the nation.

A one day briefing will be conducted on the  January 2021 for the registration please click

It is important to update on the latest terms and condition for participation this round in 2021. Bonus mark will be given for attendance of company representatives at these briefings.

We would be glad if your organisation can share this information with all member organisations.

Thank you very much for your past participation, and welcome to new participants. We can march together to advance OSH in our lovely country Malaysia.

Yours faithfully,





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