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Individual Membership

As a MSOSH member, you'll have access to a vast collection of knowledge and career resources, local and global communities, opportunities to grow and give back to the profession, plus discounts, rewards and perks.

Full Membership Category

  • MSOSH membership for individuals who have qualifications defined as competent person and OSH Professional as agreed by the MSOSH management Committee (MCM) is based on the criteria below;

Category 1

  • Have an academic qualification with a background in OSH related fields at least a diploma recognized by MQA (or other equivalent accreditation) and DOSH.

Category 2

  • Have a competency certificate and recognized by DOSH for compliance with OSHA laws.

Category 3

  • Have a certificate of competency from a body/institution other than DOSH but has elements of occupational safety and health.

Category 4

  • Having a certificate for accredited subjects in the field of OSH as well as having significant years of hands-on experience in the industry.

Category 5

  • Individuals who have specific appointments to OSH responsibilities that are related to compliance with OSHA laws.

List of competency to meet category 2 qualifications

  1. Site safety supervisor
  2. Steam/internal combustion engine engineer
  3. Safety and health officer
  4. OSH licensed person*
  5. Scaffolding operator
  6. Crane operator
  7. Occupational health doctor (OHD)
  8. Noise risk assessor (NRA)
  9. Major hazard competent person 
  10. Lift competent person
  11. Indoor air quality assessor
  12. Authorised gas tester/entry supervisor
  13. Combustible engine driver (Grade 1 & 2)
  14. Steam engine driver (Grade 1&2)
  15. Hygiene technician 1
  16. Hygiene technician 2

List of competency to meet category 3 qualifications

  1. Radiant protection officer
  2. Fire safety officer/Fire organization
  3. Electrical competent person (ST)
  4. Gas competent person (ST)

List of competency to meet category 4 qualifications

  1. ISO 45001 CB’s auditor
  2. Recognized sustainability
  3. MSOSH Award auditor
  4. Ergonomic assessor


  1. Categories 1 & 2 require a validation process before being considered to be accepted as MSOSH individual members
  2. Category 3, 4 & 5 are only offered to OSH practitioners who have evidence of involvement such as a DOSH approval letter. Acceptance as a member is subject to the results of validation and screening by the Secretariat.
  3. The final decision is only decided by the MCM as written in the MSOSH constitution.
  4. Individuals who apply as individual members but did not meet criteria 1 to 5 and are not supported by MCM, the applicant will be offered as an affiliate member of MSOSH.
  5. MCM has the authority to review and amend this Annex document from time to time as appropriate.


Full Membership - 1 Year

RM 100

Full Membership - 3 Year

RM 270

Full Membership - 5 Year

RM 450

Student Membership

RM 30 /Year
  • Active student
  • Below age 28
  • Student card needed

Affiliate Membership

RM 40 /Year

Membership plan for those already with others NGO membership but interested to join MSOSH membership.

Associate Membership

RM 60 /Year

Membership plan for those not in the safety and health industry but interested to join MSOSH membership

As a MSOSH individual member, you'll have access to a vast collection of knowledge and career resources, local and global communities, opportunities to grow and give back to the profession, plus discounts, rewards and perks.
MSOSH Welfare Fund Coverage
MSOSH will provide coverage for individual member that will cover death (all causes), funeral expenses ( all causes), accidental death and disablement
Professional Development
Demonstrate commitment to safe & sustainable business, best practice & dedication to achieving safety compliance & leadership
Enjoy special privileges and up to 50% discount on OSH public seminars, training, workshop conferences, talks, and social functions, organized wholly or jointly by MSOSH
Member Assist
Occasional forums and dialogue session with DOSH/PERKESO and relevant authorities. Over the phone/ E-mail consultation/ Advice from secretariat on OSH related matter. Assistance for liaison with authorities on OSH related matter
Networking & Events
Opportunities for networking with local and global OSH practitioners, suppliers, consultants and other related OSH associations
Legal Assistance
MSOSH will provide initial Legal Advice on Employment Law and Industrial Relations such as unfair termination, constructive dismissal and various employment related matter
Career Watch
Keep up to date with latest OSH vacancy through our website

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